1 August 2015

travels, sweet scents, and endless cereal

As of this Sunday I will be on vacation with my family for the next three weeks. We will be flying to Casablanca and taking a weekend in Marrakech, then making our way back to France to visit friends in the south and north regions. Finally we conclude our trip with a couple nights in Paris to be surrounded by as much art as possible. Or at least that's my plan. This is most likely our last big family trip, at least as one group together which is why I want to spend as much time as possible with them, absorbing the new sights and cultures, and as little time on my phone. It's a whole new level of relaxation when you aren't attached to some sort of gadget. So goodbye phone, laptop, and all other social media forms, I'm unplugging. 

And that's my life for the next three weeks! I hope to have a lot of pictures by the end of it- mostly of the colours and olives of Morocco. Lots and lots of olives. 

Earlier this week I had a burst of inspiration and decided to make a mood board. It took me a while to figure out GIMP which has been sitting unused on my computer for well over a year now. The result is the above mishmash that I'm quite proud of. Hopefully you get the vibe that I've been feeling recently. 
  1. Oh Gorilla Munch, you wonderfully simple cereal. Who knew three ingredients could yield so much love. 
  2. I recently went to Lush with a friend of mine after wandering around downtown for a while, catching up and rediscovering our city. I got sprayed with Vanillary and immediately fell in love. Then I fell even harder as it developed with hints of sandalwood and caramel. I'm all about those sweet scents, what can I say!
  3. Pemberton Music Festival was last weekend. I might be still scrubbing off the dirt and trying to ignore the lingering ringing in my ears BUT I had an amazing time. One of the best shows I saw was Father John Misty. His album I Love You, Honeybear is perfection, check it out!
  4. I've been admiring the jewelry on Anomie for a while now. Basically since Chelsea opened her online store. With a second ear piercing in now, I've taken a big interest into earrings because now I have two options per ear! Not too sure if they ship to Canada however, but I am head over heels in love with this simple uncut gemstone style. Hopefully there's a place in Vancouver that sells similar ones? I would be all over that. 
Au revoir for now... 

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