27 August 2015

France & Morocco | photo diary

I arrived home a few days ago from my family trip after a wonderful and destination filled three weeks in Morocco and France. As a family, only my mother has had the opportunity to visit Morocco with her sister, whose place we stayed at outside Casablanca, and as a result the rest of us had a blast of the new continent lifestyle when we arrived. Never mind the 45° C temperatures in Marrakech, it was the fruit vendors on the side of the highways, donkey carts driving next to the regular taxis, resounding calls to prayer every few hours, and the tiny markets open until 2am that made me cherish this new culture shock. Our time in France was calm but just as amazing. We saw some long time family friends and were able to explore the adorable little villages that scatter the countryside. One thing I noticed about the south of France, specifically Aveyron, was how wide the organic style of living was. Everyone was growing, raising, or passionate about organic food! I think that fact alone will bring me back for an extended period of time. 

Three weeks was a good amount of time, not too long that we became tired with each other but not too short that we found ourselves wishing we could do more. A Goldilocks happy medium. On our last night we had dinner at The Chartier on Rue du Montmartre in Paris and it was outstanding. It's been around for over 100 years and looks like something out of a Manet painting; I had to give it a shoutout!

That's all for now- I've been up since 5am (I guess jetlag hasn't left me yet) but I hope you're all having a wonderful end of August. 

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