2 June 2015

garden update | 02.06.2015

As I have mentioned before, I wouldn't consider myself a gardening enthusiast. Yet something has definitely shifted because I have found myself spending mornings before work or sunny afternoons when I return from class tending to my little patch of veggies. I even catch myself just looking out the window to see if they're still alive. Or that my cat isn't pooping in the beds. 

One of my main inspirations is Tara Weaver's blog Tea and Cookies. She is a writer from Seattle and her blog focuses on food, travel, gardening, and the stories that accompany each experience. In this post she writes about the garlic harvest and how the whole process can be a simple metaphor for life; "in these darker days of winter, that is what I am thinking about: what should I be planting now? In my life, in my relationships, in my career: what do I want to grow?"

Some pretty prominent questions as I enter my twenties. 

This is the first time growing a mesclun mix so there's a pretty steep learning curve. Some of my poor lettuces are bolting, going to seed too early. They can't tolerate high temperatures which unfortunately is exactly what May is like right now - very hot. Only 3mm of rain from an average of 60mm in the past. Other than the bolting problem, which I am trying to fix by snipping the long upward shoots at the base of the next major leaves, they are doing wonderfully. I recently added more soil provide support and some more nutrition. My main goal with these lettuces, the lacinato kale especially, is to grow those full, dark green plants complete with thick, bubbled, crunchy leaves that you can't help but imagine cooking frittatas with. Maybe the frittata dream is just mine? 

Next on the list of things to do is to cut the smaller outside leaves on most of the plants. This will support new growth and (hopefully) lead to the full plants that I want. Then thin the radishes out to give them more growing space because they're really taking off! 

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