16 May 2015

current favourites

The weather in Vancouver has been gorgeous for the past couple of months, I believe we have been hovering around 15 degrees since last March. This really mild weather from slow global warming is pretty terrifying, to be honest. I think the scariest thing is that many flowers and fruits are flowering ahead of time which does not align with the life cycles of bees. Ah I digress, I could talk about all the ways we can slow climate change for hours on end. Right now I want to talk about things that are making me happy or have made me happy recently!

I'm a total sucker for lists (as you might have read in the About Us page...) so what other format should this have taken? Not an essay that's for sure.

To quote Slam by Nick Hornby, "things are ticking along quite nicely,"  and they honestly have been. I finished my first year in my degree and declared my major, so now I actually have direction in my studies. I've been reading so much more, been watching some good tv shows, listening to good music, and making some wonderful recipes. Additionally, the relationships in my life right now are so, well, fun. For example my brother is at an age where we can talk about almost anything together and, no joke, we are borderline bff's. We even go to the gym together! When things are going well one tends to enjoy the minute details of life.

And without further rambling, here is what I have been enjoying recently:
  • Slam by Nick Hornby. A heartwarming story about family, relationships, and what moments define "growing up." Hornby writes from the perspective of a 15 year-old boy and his voice is absolutely wonderful, you can't help falling in love with this kid. 
  • Carrots. This may seem totally out of the blue but damn I have become a carrot fiend! Bring me a sweet, organic carrot bouquet (preferably of the rainbow variety) and I'm yours. 
  • I had a bellini this week at drinks with a friend of mine and even though they're insanely sweet, I'm already looking for the best in Vancouver. 
  • Another drink is iced coffee! I had an iced americano from Our Town cafe on Kingsway street and it was amazing. Strong with a hint of cocoa and when topped with lots of cream absolutely delightful. 
  • So many good tv shows where do I start... The Mindy Project is amazing. Silicon Valley. Game of Thrones season 5. Girls season 4. Archer season 6. Just to name a few.
  • Style the Natives run by Charly Cox. This girl is wise beyond her years and writes with such poetic elegance, it's always a pleasure when she posts something new. 
  • Finally, music. I jumped on the Spotify bandwagon and made a playlist! These are some of my indie/folk/alternative tunes that I've been digging. I've been listening to a lot of rap recently and could do a whole separate playlist on that, but maybe next time. 

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