12 May 2015

Bringing It All Back (Home)

I've been slipping from my usual creative roots recently. It might be because my studies at the moment are very science-based or because I haven't felt extremely inspired by anything in particular. After I transferred from a visual art program across the spectrum to applied biology I promised myself (and others) that I would continue doing art, whichever format it may take. And now I'm here, at 2:20am on a Monday night after starting a summer course, finally writing another blog post.

I need creative outlets in my life, I honestly just can't function normally without them! I may delete this post if none of this works out but this should be in writing: I want to create this blog. I want to share my opinions, findings, and experiences with whoever is willing to listen and in turn want to participate with other bloggers in the same way. I have spent so much time perusing various blogs over the past few years. My timeline started with beauty, turned into fashion, then found its way cooking and even gardening. Reading all these wonderful stories and being a part of others' lives that I had no idea existed is a wonderful way of feeling connected in an internet culture that is weirdly disconnected. Plus, I feel so inspired when I see what some bloggers have created (specifically the food mmmm).

So let's start again, shall we? Hello, my name is Sophia and I study applied animal biology. I have a love for cats, photography, and soccer. I am also strongly passionate about good food and community and believe they intertwine perfectly. I may not be the best writer or photographer but I will always try my best. Hopefully, this little space will start to feel like my own as it begins to fill with little snippets of things I want to share and, hopefully, we can find common ground.


  1. Yes! Keep at it! I found blogging to be a super creative outlet, even if no one is reading it.

    1. Thanks! Power to the unread blogs and bloggers out there haha