17 May 2015

breakfast | 03.05.2015

Oh Sundays, you're always so relaxing. This photo is from over a week ago but I distinctly remember this Sunday because the weather was beautiful, almost 20 degrees out) I spent almost all of it reading and lying in the sun. This book is long finished, along with Of Mice and Men, and I'm currently loving A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. I am on a serious Hornby kick this year... 

Anyway, Jo Nesbo is a great Norwegian crime writer. I don't know if I would consider him "the next Steigh Larsson" but his books are pretty gripping. The Devil's Star is the fourth in the Harry Hole series. I started with The Redbreast, the third, which is definitely in my favourite crime/mystery novels ever. This particular book starts with a young woman found murdered in her flat with one of her fingers missing and a red diamond in the shape of a star underneath her eyelid. Set in Oslo, Harry and the police department are hesitant to use the words "serial killer" but by the third murder, everything falls into place and apart. It's well paced, extremely well researched, and has a neat little twist at the end. I finished this in about a week and I always recommend his books to someone looking for a summer read! 

For breakfast on that wonderful Sun(ny)day (get it??) I had a bowl of plain Greek yogurt, a small handful of plain Cheerios and granola, some sliced mango, and raisins thrown on top. Unfortunately the granola was a weird sweet boxed kind I found in my house because I haven't made any as of late. I keep promising myself I will and I promise you I will take pics and write about it! These are my favourite kind of breakfasts though, I can put whatever my heart desires on the yogurt and it's always satisfying. 

What kind of breakfast do you make yourself on a relaxed Sunday? Have any book recommendations? Let me know! Oh, and if you want to follow me on Bloglovin' you can do so here!

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