9 November 2014

autumn/winter book lovin'

There's nothing I like more than sitting around with plaid wool blankets surrounding me and a book that I am head over heels in love with. This is usually accompanied by the endless relief that exams are finally over (or at least they will be soon!). I would say I'm a pretty avid reader, it lessens up when uni starts up but I love reading and I've been trying to branch out into different genres.

If winter reads could be summed up into a theme for me, they definitely lean towards dark, brooding, and slightly haunting. It has to be the weather and shorter day lengths because I don't like to fill my world with miserable topics! So instead of compiling a lengthy list of my favourite murder mysteries and life-questioners, I put together a tidy little range of books that try and encompass the dark autumn/winter weather as well as the new year ambition. I'll try and keep the descriptions short and sweet!

First off it's The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Other Mountain. Written by the co-founder of Jansport Skip Yowell, it's a semi biography, semi instruction manual. This is my first delve into the world of non-fiction (besides biology textbooks...) and it really surprised me. The amazingly cool cover aside, it's filled with advice thats relevant to business and personal life, inspiring mountain climbing tales, and a fun timeline of their company.

Juliet, Naked is a novel by Nick Hornby, a well known writer from the UK. It follows a woman in her mid 30's and an aging folk musician as their lives intertwine from across the Atlantic. It's one of the sadder reads since it's generally about failure to fulfill ones goals, but it's seriously good. Beautifully crafted and tinged with dark humour, it makes you want to read the rest of Hornby's collection.

A couple years back, I blazed through The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larson within a couple months. Since then I've expanded to other Scandinavian writers, specifically Jo Nebso. The Redbreast was the first of this series that I read, although it's technically the 3rd, and I gravitate to him whenever winter rolls around. If you like a good murder mystery with a ton of interesting characters then I can't recommend this one enough! It's about a Norwegian detective named Harry Hole as he tries to find a murderer who he believes is behind a series of seemingly connected shootings. The research that went into this single book is unbelievable and is what makes Nesbo such a great writer.

Finally, we have On The Road. A classic by Jack Kerouac, that I don't think I'll ever be able to truly express my love for. The whole beat generation was so pivotal in history and this novel sums it up completely. Dean Moriarty with his mad shaking infatuation for life and phrases like "sleepy San Francisco lights" made it easy for me to fall in love with during last winter break. It made me reexamine how I value all elements in my life and was major inspiration to go travelling. I urge everyone to read it if they haven't already!

What are your favourite books of the moment? Anything that particularly screams "autumn/winter"? Let me know, I'm putting together I giant list for when I'm done exams!

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