7 November 2014

Autumn Picks and Faves

Autumn is fast approaching, as I'm typing this I'm wrapped in a scarf with very grey stormy clouds threatening me with rain. Somehow I can't help but be totally happy with this change in weather. Summer was quite lengthy, lasting almost four months for us university students who didn't take summer courses- plus the heat in Vancouver went way into September!

Personally, I like to switch up my music taste as everything starts to cool down so instead of more upbeat floaty tunes I turn it down and go for a more mellow folk indie rock sound. For something a little more indie is Mac DeMarco's first album 2. This west coast guy makes some pretty chill songs, Sherrill and My Kind of Woman are my particular favourites! One of the most beautiful soundtracks goes to Arcade Fire's one for Her. Honestly, it's perfect. I love me some movie soundtracks and this one is just so elaborate and dazzling, and it doesn't help that I'm in love with the film as well!

I want to venture out and try one new country's cuisine this month, go for Ethiopian! Served on a large pancake-like bread called injera and eaten with your hands, Ethiopian is wonderfully cozy and somehow manages to hit the comfort food sweet spot. The dishes are, for the most part, dry and spicy. They usually consist of vegetarian friendly legume dishes like chickpea and lentils, but there are always meat options available. If you happen to be in the Commercial Drive area in Vancouver, I highly recommend it! It's decently priced, very cozy, and a great fall experience. 

  • If there's anyone I turn to for photos to stalk and drool over its Jade's. Her insta is pretty darn beautiful as well! 
  • Ai Weiwei photographs. They're stunning- specifically his from when he first moved to New York from China. I went to see an exhibit of around 200 of his photos at my university's art gallery and I loved every one of them. Specifically the stunning documentary photographs of rioting over racism and some of Allen Ginsberg. 
  • Finally, I went to see Stromae a few weeks ago in Vancouver as a last minute whim and don't regret a thing! His show was so amazing, energetic, and hilariously bilingual. A little background info is here, along with my favourite tunes here, here, and here

Got any special events or ideas for autumn? Any music recommendations? Let me know! For myself, bring on the sweaters, scarves, and mugs of tea.

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