24 October 2014

Sha-lin Noodle House | Restaurant Adventures

For the most part, Vancouver manages to satisfy every foodie niche from Japanese ramen to true Indian samosas to Mexican burritos. Recently, my family has discovered Sha-lin (aka Shaolin) Noodle House. This stand alone casual Chinese restaurant is seriously amazing, because they actually make their own noodles and dumplings! Located on Broadway Sha-lin Noodle House is quickly becoming one of my favourites and all I want to do is bring all my friends here.

First of all, their menu is ridiculous. I can't even count the amount of dishes that they have available it's that extensive. With about 5 different varieties of noodles produced in house, they offer soups, stirfrys, to other general noodles dishes. We had the tofu and vegetable dragging noodle soup and curried chicken dragging noodles. You guys... it was so gooooood! The broth was light but flavourful and the sliced tofu was absolutely perfect. The curried noodles were pretty darn satisfying as well, made with true Chinese curry.

The noodles are what make this place so unique. You can actually watch the chefs stretch out the noodles in the front but I didn't want to snap a pic, that would be a tad too strange. One slight little issue is that not all the noodles are cooked evenly, but it's rare and hardly noticeable. The other star of this restaurant are their homemade pan fried dumplings which are honestly more like buns. With the buns you get  the choice of veggie or meat filling, or half and half. As much as I love the concept and the fact that they're homemade, their a little too oily and heavy for my taste. But if you're going to visit please do try them, they're too cool to pass up!

Also, for a restaurant on the west side of Vancouver it's so well priced. A bowl of soup will run you about $9, pretty much all of their dishes are in that price range. Cherry on top if you ask me! This place is great if you want to bring a couple friends to catch up or just hang out; the dumpling/buns are made for sharing!

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